A Public Notice of Our Privacy Statement


Hello to all our valued world percussion customers!

First off.... Sssshhhh!

Next off... Please be aware - All the Drum Heads at World Percussion Unlimted treasure our privacy and we trust that our customers value their private bits as well. 

(If you are anything like the 17 year old daughter of the Main Percussion Head, you really really really treasure your privacy. And you would kill your Dad if he looked at your Snapchat and Instagram. )

World Percussion Unlimited is a retail store.  That's what we are.  That's how we make our little bits of profit to pay our bills.   You come in and buy a percussion instrument. We help you.  You pay and we ship to you.  That's all we need to know about you.  (Though we love chatting with you about your life, that is something you willingly share with us, we don't go looking for you.) 

That said:  We will never give your email address or any other information you used to purchase an instrument to any third party. And not any fourth or fifth parties either.  Forget them! If you wanted Spam, you'd go to Hawaii and order some with eggs!

If you bought an instrument at a local store, you wouldn’t expect to be hounded by salespeople from other stores chasing you in the parking lot, calling you and yelling into your phone, or filling your mailbox with garbage. We believe that you shouldn’t have to experience that in your computer when you buy an instrument either.


-The Big Drum Heads at World Percussion Unlimited