Who We Are

Can you ever really know another person? Can a person every really truly know herself or himself?
Self-reflection is valuable, but it's still limited by the parameters one uses to examine one’s psyche.
You know what we mean, what we’re saying?

But in this world of Instagram Influencing, Facebook Flirting, and Tinder Titillating, how much self-reflection is possible? We have all become marketing departments of our Ego and how it wants to be known, what it wants to project, what it wants others to know about us.

We have been, as a race, swallowed whole by the Beastly Whale of Marketing, banging about in his belly, with only the light of our phones to guide us a few steps.

That is our lives these days during the Collapsing Time.

What will carry us through?
Of course it is the Beat! The Music. The Unifying Thread of all Humankind.

We want to help you, from our tiny sound enclave in the center of America, keep the music alive, turn the beat around, unify your little part of the world, and as that unifies, more and more musical connection shall happen, anmd connect more and more of the world, so that any differences we notice on the outside of each other, are removed by the sounds, dissolving the lies, so that we only notice the similarities on the inside.

World Percussion Unlimited is comprised of diligent deejays, bearded singers, youthful enthusiasts, we are the hardest working men and women in show business -– we are like a bowl of Human Chex Mix, folks! --  doing our best to make sure you get the instruments and the love you need.


We may not be experts on every instrument we sell... yet, but we will get you all the info you need, and we will be experts on every one before the spittle and splashes of glaciers dropping into the ocean hits our handsome faces!

Hell yeah! We don’t need a marketing department. That’s who the f*ck we are.