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These tingshas are made from an alloy of bronze, zinc and iron. The design may vary slightly within each style. The photo is an example of the Tingsha you will receive.

Om Mani Padme Hum Tingsha 

Buddhist Symbols Tingsha

Dragon Tingsha

DRAGONS! Did they exist in the Himalayas and India?

Adrienne Mayor, author of “The First Fossil Hunters: Dinosaurs, Mammoths, and Myths in Greek and Roman Times” writes:

“Dragons of enormous size and variety infest northern India,” concluded Apollonius of Tyana who traveled through the southern foothills of the Himalayas in the first century AD. “The countryside is full of them and no mountain ridge was without one.” Locals regaled visitors with fantastic tales of dragon hunting, using magic to lure them out of the earth in order to pry out the gems embedded in the dragons’ skulls.

Trophies of these quests were displayed in Paraka at the foot of a great mountain, “where a great many skulls of dragons were enshrined.” Ancient Paraka has never been identified, but linguistic clues suggest it was the ancient name for Peshawar. In later times a famous Buddhist holy place near Peshawar was known as “the shrine of the thousand heads.”

So yeah, sounds like they did. Ring the sound of dragons right now.

Are the tingshas we sell incredibly rare religious ritualistic artifacts of antiquity?

Nope. Not for this price, my friends. But they are made with you in mind.

And honestly, many antique tingshas may have lost their tonal quality and matching synchronous tones after years of use. Plus, who knows what karma the monks left on them, doing all their cleansing?

We suggest that new ones which, if you bless them yourselves, connecting them with the Divine Source for your spiritual tuning, will work perfectly for your current needs. Sound good and clean good for good, clean fun.

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