Meinl Arch Bass Cajon



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With curved sides in place of traditional straight edge cajon designs, the Meinl Arch Bass Cajon creates enhanced bass notes with its cavernous resonating body. The extra wide curved shape helps develop low tones to give players a boomy and punchy sound. Constructed with a Siam Oak resonating body and Maple frontplate in super natural finish.

Drum Details
•Size: 15 1/4" W x 18" H x 12" D
•Material: Siam Oak (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.) / Maple
•Arched sides for low note development
•Extra wide dimensions
•Internal snare wires
•Enhanced boomy and punchy bass sounds
•Colour: SNT-M Super Natural

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Category: cajon, meinl

Type: Cajon

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