Meinl Artist Series Timbales - Taku Hirano



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Taku Hirano wanted to add timbale accents and fills while playing on congas and multipercussion set-ups, without needing sticks. His signature Hand-Bale now makes that possible!

The retaining rim of the Hand-Bale is uniquely made with one half traditionally shaped, while the other half of the rim is recessed below the shell. This opens the timbale to bongo style hand techniques that easily produce an unmistakably crisp timbale sound. Stick techniques are possible on the traditionally rimmed portion of the drum.

As Taku himself put it, “The instrument sounds great using bongo technique so that if you use one- or two- finger hits on the edge with the same force that you would play mounted bongos, you are able to effectively recreate the quintessential timbale rim stroke. No sticks? No problem! Cracking timbale fills at your fingertips . . .”

Drum Details:
• Includes:
• L-shaped tuning key
• Tune Up oil
• Features:
• Logo applied from underneath the head (CN, US patent)
• Special designed rim
• Strong mounting clamp
• Material: Steel
• Diameter: 13"
• Colour: Black

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