Meinl FX Pedal with 10 Sound Options



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The Meinl FX Pedal features 10 different sound options that you can add to your beat. Cycle through the effects with a touch of the toe button. It’s a whole percussion kit in a box! Plug in and groove…

Pedal Details:
•Hook and loop fastener with spikes
•International power converter
•0 - Bass Drum
•1 - Cyber Bass Drum
•2 - Tribal Bass
•3 - Tambourine
•4 - Double Tambourine
•5 - Claves
•6 - Hand Clap
•7 - Cowbell
•8 - Cabasa
•9 - Double Cabasa
•10 sound options
•Microprocessor controls
•Made in Germany by "Shadow"
•Output in Stereo/Mono
•Sound select button
•Colour: Black/Brown

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Type: FX Pedal

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