Meinl Pickup Kalimba



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Meinl put a pickup into our kalimba to boost the output, so your melody can carry on. The internal pre-amp means you won’t have to worry about playing up close to the mike. An external volume knob lets you easily adjust to any situation.

Kalimba Details:
•Size: Medium
Tuning: a' c'' c' a A f' e' e'' b'
•Special: Wah-Wah Effect
•Rubber Wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)
•Chrome plated steel Black powder die casting
•Pickup system with external volume control from Shadow Sound
•Ergonomically shaped
•Colour: African Brown

Collections: All, Brands, Kalimbas, Meinl, Other Percussions

Category: Kalimba, kalimbas, meinl

Type: Kalimba

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