Meinl Percussion Repinique - Aluminum - 10"



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The Repinique is played in different ways depending on the style of music. In some styles is played with a stick while the other hand is used for open tones and slaps, and in others is played with two sticks.

These Repiniques produce a bright and cutting sound with penetrating rim shots that these instruments are supposed to deliver. Meinl offers two sizes made from premium aluminum.

Drum Details:
• Includes: Tuning key
• Material: Aluminum
• Features:
• 6 clamping screws
• Chrome plated hardware
• Countersunk bolt lugs
• Replaceable synthetic head
• Logo applied from underneath the head (CN, US patent)
• Diameter: 10"
• Depth: 10"
• Colour: Silver

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Type: Repinique

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