Meinl Percussion Slap-top Cajon



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The Meinl Slap-top Cajons are a conceptual step up to a new level. These models are designed to bring the striking surface up nearer to the player, for a more upright playing style. The sound projects forward into the audience! High and low tones as well as a snare effect are built in to the sound board.

•Resonating body: Baltic Birch (Betula pendula)
•Playing surface: Espresso Burst
•Comfortable upright playing style
•Forward facing sound ports
•Dual internal fixed snare wires
•Deep bass and cutting slap tones
•Finish: Matte

•Frontplate: Black Makah-Burl
•Resonating body: Eco-friendly medium density fibreboard
•Comfortable design
•Forward-looking sound projection
•Internal snare effect
•Wide sound options
•Colour: Makah-Burl

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Type: Cajon

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