Meinl Percussion Traditional Bendir - 12" x 4"



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Bendirs feature four thin strings stretched across the inside of the head, which create the classic Bendir "buzzing" sound.

These drums are fully tunable and light in weight for long and comfortable playing. Meinl offers goatskin as well as synthetic True Feel head versions.

This fine frame drums are fully tunable, with rich bass tones and crisp taks. The frame is made for comfort and extended play.

Drum Details:
•Includes: Allen wrench
•Material: Rubber Wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)
•Thumb hole for a good balance and comfortable playing
•Internal lug tuning system
•Buzzing effect
•Finish: Matte
•Diameter: 12"
•Depth: 4"
•Colour: African Brown

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Type: Bendir

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