Siparina: Witch's Whimsy

STL Ocarina


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This listing comes with one Witch's Whimsy Siparina (blue and yellow) and fingering chart to help you learn.

Diameter: 3.5"

The Witch's Whimsy Siparina solves your biggest dilemma, a question as old as the universe itself: Should I play my Ocarina or drink some tea?

The 4-hole arrangement and hollow interior chamber allows you to play 8 diatonic notes making our Siparinas as much fun as you can have while drinking tea! Now you can sip some Yerba Mate and play a light and jolly tune all at once, like magic or even magick. Note: don't play your Siparina while there is liquid in it.

Siparinas are the perfect gift to share with a friend. Play a delightful duet with your favorite witch or warlock. Dance, joyfully in the forest as you share a melody and counter-melody with your favorite friend. Purchase our other Siparina here.

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