TreeWorks ZenTree™ Chimes (TREzen)

TreeWorks Chimes


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Enjoy a mystic sweep with 35 bars of double rows.

Via TreeWorks Chimes:
"Open your mind to a completely new chime sound. Instead of our normal tuning with a gradual change in pitch from bar to bar, the new double-row ZenTree moves in tiered or stair-stepped groups of chimes. This tuning creates a soothing and mystic sweep with a nice tension and release when played from high to low. All TreeWorks Chimes are made in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A."

"The bars are TreeWorks, chime specific aluminum/titanium alloy. The bars are polished and T-6 tempered for brilliant tone. Each instrument is individually hand-tied with 50-pound braided CordLoc. No plastic ties are used. The mantle is hand-finished Tennessee Black Walnut."

Chime Measurements:
Length: 23"
Height: 11"
Width: 1.5"

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